Digital Photography Contest


CYG is pleased to announce that

John Bamber, Melody Hood & Philip Slowiak

will be collaborating with us this year as the judges for Digital Photography.

Meet John Bamber

John Bamber, owner of Bamber Photography, focuses on creating fashion-forward, beautifully crafted imagery--often with good old-fashioned film!  He obtained a Fine Arts degree from Belmont University and spent time studying photography and art in France--working in a dark room, developing all of his own prints.  For the first two years of his wedding business, he shot exclusively on film, developing them in a dark room!  He now finds passion in using both film and digital.  He often shoots alongside his wife Lindsey and enjoys passing along his love for the art of photography to his two children.  

Timeline for contest 

Submissions Begin

 April 6, 2020 

Deadline for Entries

April 30, 2020

at midnight EST